Angry Gran Running Game Review

I know most of you have played running games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run at some point. If yes, then I think you will also be a fan of the Angry Gran game!

In this game, a psycho granny has been locked away in the mental asylum by Fred, the agent in white. But it’s impossible to keep her there for a long time, though. So now, she’s plotting her escape, and she needs YOU to guide her through the streets once she’s busted out!

This game consists of funny 3D runners and a crazy angry granny, who has seen so many mental hospitals in different countries that none of us can imagine! Also, users can play in various cities such as Miami, London, New York, and Rome and disguise the gran in a variety of costumes such as a hippie or a penguin.

Angry Gran is spectacular in its genre, making you fall completely in love with it. So sit back and recline as you go over this review!

Technical Specifications

Name: Angry Gran – Running Game
Category: Racing
File size: 35.7 MB
Installations: 50,000,000+
Developer: Ace Viral

About Developer

The Angry Gran game was developed by Ace Viral. Ace Viral is a well-known gaming company based in the UK that has developed various gaming applications for Android and iOS users. Their library includes the Angry Gran series, Bike Mania, Batman & The Flash: Hero Run and many other successful titles. Moreover, they’ve also worked with some leading companies like Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Gree and DC Comics.

Besides, they are actively using 17 technologies for their website, including Google Analytics, Google Font API, and Google Universal Analytics.

Currently, this company has 2,390,788 monthly app downloads.

Angry Gran – General Review

Angry Gran is an endless running game where you play as an angry grandma and escape from the asylum you have been kept in!

This game allows you to run through the streets of several different places and aiding granny in her escape from the asylum and the agent Fred. Also, it challenges users to avoid some obstacles and smash others, collecting coins while also fleeing through the streets.

Like most games, When you open it for the very first time, the tutorial option pops up where you get to learn the basics. Once you start the game, your task is to run and jump to avoid all the obstacles you find on your way, since those obstacles can stop you from getting out of the mental asylum.

The streets are full of obstructions, where few are from the real world such as parked cars, clothesline, barriers, holes in the middle of the road, and some more. And others are delusional, probably existing only in your head like a UFO that landed in the middle of the street with three little green aliens, a giant rolling soda can, a big whale, and a green dinosaur.

No matter what sort of obstacles you have, you really need to jump, slide, or move left/right over every single one because otherwise, it’s game over for you. When you play this game on the PC, you just have to use AD and arrow keys to move by moving left and right or jumping up and down to overcome obstacles.

Another interesting thing in this game is that you can collect coins on your way. Collecting these gold coins can let you purchase all sorts of upgrades such as double jumps, sprint, invincibility, coin multipliers, resurrection, etc. and funny costumes/characters.

How To Play

The controls of this game are divided into two separate parts on the keyboard with the Arrow keys and AD keys:

Press Up Arrow key to jump
Press Down Arrow key to slide.
Press A,D keys to move from left to right in order to avoid obstacles or kick a punk guy.
Press Left and Right Arrow keys to take the street corners.

Basic Features

Attractive and eye-catching graphics.
Hop on an endless path with unique characters.
Gifts and in-game coins to buy characters.
User-friendly controls.
Easy to understand

Main Menu

There are the mission, daily tasks, store, costume and gear icon in the main menu. So let’s examine them:

Costume Button: In order to change your costume, you will need coins. However, some costumes only require things to unlock which you can get while running. So you have to collect the necessary number, and after that, you can unlock some costumes.

Store: Here, you will see power-ups that are not automatically turned on. So you have to collect coins, and then manually turn them on by upgrading them for the first time.

Gear icon: Under the gear icon, you can customise sound volume, image colour, and lean sensitivity. Since this game is straightforward and easy to access, it doesn’t have to have complicated settings. So you can change the device’s sensitivity in terms of tilting it. Other running games don’t have this feature, so this is an added feature of this game!

Graphics and Music

The game has unique 3D graphics, but not realistic (it can be suitable for my children). The sound and music are pretty unique, i.e. the granny will just shout whenever she bash punks.

Besides that, the music is vibrant, just like the game itself. The sound effects are also unique. Moreover, the choices of colours in the game are excellent since they set the mood of being lively. It is not like the other games with dull and dark colours, so this is a good point.

Overall Review Rating

Graphics – 8.5/10
Sound – 9/10
Gameplay – 9/10
Controls – 8.5/10
Overall Review – 8.4/10


So, what is my final verdict?

Angry Gran is one of the best free 3D running games! If you love running and simulation games, then you will love this cool endless running game. This game is also one of the most popular games out there which are suitable for everyone.

Angry Gran can be played while you are bored and even in public transport or somewhere. So for me, this game is a must-have!

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